Project Fukushima!

Project Fukushima! is (mainly) a free music festival which will be simultaneously held in Fukushima and locations all over the globe on August 15. The organizers -- experimental music hero Yoshihide Ôtomo, Michiru Endô (from punk band The Stalin) and poet Ryôichi Wago -- also curate a series of DIY Hearts released recordings featuring artists such as Seijaku (trio featuring Keiji Haino, Yoshimitsu Ichiraku a.k.a. Doravideo, Mitsuru Nasuno), Tatsuya Yoshida (from Ruins), Ryûichi Sakamoto, and a jam session featuring Nanao Tavito, U-Zhaan and the dearly missed Rei Harakami. Here is the list of available titles.
Benefits will be used to finance the festival.