A Compilation for Japan

Record labels Mental Groove and Villa Magica teamed up to release A Compilation for Japan, featuring Gad Mizrahi, Cuizinier&Orgasmic, Canblaster, Shackleton, Imperial Tiger Orchestra and many more (28 tracks in total). Techno, ambient electronica, broken beats and ethio-jazz... there's a lot of good music here and it holds together suprisingly well. Available for 7,99 € (or more) from Bandcamp. Proceeds go to Civic Force.

Soul Aid

Free compilation album featuring Jeff Mills, Los Hermanos, Miss Kittin, Alexkid, Thomas Fehlmann and more (don't miss the "more music" button). Website includes link to Just Giving, a free service which not only allows you to donate, but also gives you tools to start fundraising yourself. Check it out here. Benefits will go to Civic Force.

Artist Action

Bajune Tobeta is rather unknown in the West, but he has collaborated with some of the finest names in modern electronic pop (Ryuichi Sakamoto, Yukihiro Takahashi, Atom(TM), Aoki Takamasa....). He just curated Artist Action, a charity album featuring 37 contributions from (mostly) Japanese and international artists, among which a rather Bjorkesque track by electronica pop wonder Erina Koyama. Proceeds go to the Japanese Red Cross.

Hope For Japan

A pretty post-rock /ambient compilation featuring 36 international artists. While Bandcamp proved a very useful tool for musicians who wanted to help fundraising to release music as quickly as possible, it still has the incovenience of processing fees (15%) and Paypal fees. This is why the good people behind Hope For Japan have thought out a system ensuring 100% of sales go to the American Red Cross. Read about it here.