DIY Hearts

Old news but great news : DIY Hearts now have an English page which helps non-Japanese speakers purchase their nice catalog. With contributions from Doddodo, Dorian, Doravideo, Keiji Haino, Yoshihide Otomo, Magical Power Mako, Fishmans, Kleptomaniac, U-zhaan (ex-Asa-chang&Junray) and many more, you simply can't go wrong !

DIY Hearts is an offshoot of mp3 store DIY Stars (an artist-run service comparable to Bancamp) dedicated to charity. It features not only music but also videos, novels, smartphone apps etc.

Also available from DIY Stars is singer-songwriter Nanao Tavito's new song "Kesa Tsukutta Uta" ("a song I wrote this morning"), the proceeds of which also go to charity. 

Tracks are DRM-free. All benefits go to the Japanese Red Cross