Shinji Masuko (DMBQ/Boredoms)

Guitar / synth player Shinji Masuko started a relief fund and as of March 16 has collected $2200. Donations can be made through Paypal at dmbq[at] Read Masuko's explanations after the jump

Hi everyone,

It's Shinji from DMBQ/BOREDOMS  here. I am writing to my friends who is living in US and other countries. As you know, Japan's most powerful earthquake since records began has struck the north-east coast, triggering a massive tsunami. Fortunately I am OK because I am living in Osaka, but now the damage situation is gradually clarified.

So many our friends, friend's of friend, friend's family, musicians, people who work in music venue, etc... a lot of people who we know were struck. And communications are almost 100% down in northeast japan still. Friends who were staying in northern Japan  to have a show etc,, can not come back to their home and now they are in the refuge where the acquaintance doesn't exist.
Plus, Tokyo's electricity will be cut off gradually.

Even railway will be 50% running and now gasoline is almost empty in Tokyo, means Tokyo's economy will be down. The food scarcity has already started because the factory cannot operate.
Please help them. Volunteer's acceptance has not been begun yet. We want to send relief and condolence donation directly to people and north-east Japan's music scene in future. Please send donation or organize benefits  show in your town for them.

Please Cc-ing this email to your artist friends too. I wish to express my gratitude for your cooperation.

The small small stone that I threw out has caused significant ripples.
Now I got over 30 donations from you guys and my friends, about $2200
(inclues some Euro and Yen too).

Nuclear plants situation is still going VERY bad. And small confusion
has extended to various places.
However I can tell you a good news too. Today some of non-profit and
volunteer group are heading to the stricken area. A part of route was
secured. Still not open for general smaller volunteer though.
I am going to start dropping donations to them  from tomorrow.
Now I am talking with Civic Force. They have already entered there and
working great.

And, I am also talking with Peace Winds Japan too. They have their own
logistics way so they can send urgent support goods right now. I think
they have fastest way for now. Their first truck arrived today. I want
to drop some to them too.

And, I really want to send some to Fukushima Prefecture municipality
directly too. Fukushima is the scene of the nuclear plant accident. The residents
evacuation is not going well, they are isolated now, and are becoming
food shortage.

This is the first step of this small fund. But this is one of the
fastest group donation by artists. I want to support the group that
will do more concrete activity after this. Please keep in touch and
spread more.

Please send donations via paypal: